05 June 2019, International Coffee Congress on Sustainability, Berlin PDF

Tickets & detailed information: www.congress-on-sustainability.com/

One day before the World of Coffee, the German Coffee Association is proud to hold the “International Coffee Congress on Sustainability” on 5th June, 2019 in Berlin. The German Coffee Association provides a platform for its members, coffee companies and organizations from all over the world to inform themselves about current and future challenges, processes and projects in the sustainability sector.

How can we conserve both coffee and the environment? What is the impact of sustainability certification? How can we provide small coffee farmers with an appropriate living income? What can the coffee sector learn from other sectors? Is sustainability a key topic for the future coffee business and what challenges are we facing? 20 exceptional international speakers will be giving answers and insights into these questions, alongside many other important and omnipresent topics concerning coffee and sustainability.

Additionally, the congress intends to foster networking among players in the coffee supply chain – to improve the cooperation for more sustainability in the coffee industry and overall business relationships – don´t miss it! Get connected and be a part of the high class sustainability congress!

Finally, an exhibition allows all participants to further broaden their knowledge in the field of coffee sustainability.

To visit our event website and to buy tickets, click here. As a member of the German Coffee Association you get a 50% discount! We are excited to see you on the 5th June in Berlin! Early bird tickets are available until April 26, 2019.