We are the specialists

Representation of interests for Germany’s favourite drink

Coffee is lifestyle, coffee is the quick “latte to go”, coffee is pleasure. And coffee is tradition. A contradiction? Not at all. In its work, the German Coffee Association combines the traditional with the modern: Deeply rooted in tradition, yet the topics are always on trend with an eye to the future.

Services, objectives, functions

The German Coffee Association has existed in its current form for more than 50 years. Its story, however, begins much earlier, back in 1886, with the founding of the the “Verein der am Caffeehandel betheiligten Firmen” (Association of companies involved in the coffee trade). In 1969 it joined forces with the “Verein der Kaffee-Grossröster und -Importeure” (Association of large-scale coffee roasters and importers) and the “Verein der Hamburger Caffeeimport-Agenten und -Makler” (Association of Hamburg Coffee Import Agents and Brokers), which was founded in 1888, to form the Deutschen Kaffeeverband e.V. (German Coffee Association). The German Coffee Association has represented the interests of the German coffee sector ever since. The overarching goals of the Association are the achievement of positive conditions for the coffee industry, the competent support of its members and the promotion of a positive image for coffee in Germany.

We are a strong community

Deutscher Kaffeeverband e.V. (German Coffee Association)

Representing more than 340 members, the German Coffee Association is a medium-sized association, but with a voice belying its size. After all, coffee is one of the most important trade goods of all, and Germany is the third-largest coffee market in the world. The association counts almost all the big names in the industry among its members. However, it does not just represent the interests of the big and powerful; it stands up for both “small” and “large” members equally. In the end, an association can only be strong through everyone working together.

The Association is represented and managed by a Board of Directors and a Steering Committee. The central office of the Association is headed by CEO Holger Preibisch.

We are well connected

The German Coffee Association not only helps its members to regularly exchange information and ideas with each other but also connects them to the most important national and international organisations, platforms and independent institutes.

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We are climate neutral

The German Coffee Association operates in a climate-neutral manner and thus promotes the achievement of the global sustainability goals.

1. We reduce
avoidable CO2 emissions
The CO2 emissions of the German Coffee Association’s office are continuously and sustainably reduced with the help of consistent monitoring of all CO2 emission sources. This also includes our events and printed materials.

2. We compensate CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided
All remaining emissions are compensated. For this purpose, the German Coffee Association supports a 10,000-hectare reforestation project in Kikonda (Uganda), which is dedicated to promoting biodiversity.

We do a lot for our members

Central service point for coffee-related questions and issues

  • Conventions, information sessions, conferences and training
  • Exclusive market data and statistics
  • Specialised legal advice
  • Lobbying and representation of interests
  • Press and public relations, issue management
  • Expert publications and training materials
  • Information on specialist topics, proposed legislation and research findings
  • Individual member services
  • Committees, working groups and commissions
  • Collaboration and networking at national and international level


Do you know the market in wich you are active?
You will with us.

The exclusive market data and statistics of the German Coffee Association are the best basis for strategic decisions in the coffee business.

Take advantage of the insider knowledge from the coffee association‘s own market research.

  • latest market data on the coffee market
  • more than 10,000 surveyed coffee-drinkers
  • over 500 charts, analysed annually
  • exclusive and free for members


Uncertain about legal issues on coffee? Not with us, we will help you!

The German Coffee Association offers comprehensive advice on all aspects of coffee law – free of charge for our members.

No matter whether you have questions about coffee regulations, correct declaration, ingredients, emissions, coffee tax and much more – you will receive a competent, reliable and individual answer from us.


We represent the interests of the coffee industry in politics

We are the lobbying group for the German coffee industry

Coffee is an important, international commodity of great interest, and not only for the economy - coffee is often a topic in politics and legislation.

Large, ambitious projects with political impact require powerful representation by the German Coffee Association.

We promote knowledge

Seminars for apprentices and newcomers to the industry

Education and training initiatives form an integral part of the association’s work. In order to introduce coffee industry apprentices as well as newcomers from other industries to the world of coffee, the German Coffee Association offers special seminars to its member companies.

The aim of apprentice and newcomer seminars is to present to attendees the fascinating world of coffee, from cultivation to cup. At the same time, the seminars promote the exchange of knowledge and experience with apprentices and employees from other coffee companies and offer a good opportunity to make new contacts.

We are the voice of the industry

Press and public relations

Whether classic filter coffee or cappuccino, coffee is on everyone’s lips. The aromatic bean has evolved over the last few decades to become the trendy companion of modern society. Not least thanks to the intensive press and PR work of the German Coffee Association.

You argue, we decide

Arbitration in the coffee business

The Arbitration Board of the German Coffee Association at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce deals with general disputes arising from transactions in the coffee industry. In addition, there is the Hamburg Quality Arbitration of the Association of Hamburg Coffee Import Agents and Brokers, a founding member of the German Coffee Association, which mediates disputes regarding the quality of green coffee.

To download an overview of both active arbitration boards click here

Click on the following links to view the arbitration rules of the German Coffee Association at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce:

Arbitration rules in German (PDF)

Arbitration rules in English (PDF)

Quality arbitration rules in English, as the now only valid version:

“Provisions for the Hamburg Private Arbitration in the Coffee Import Trade” (PDF)