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On average, 164 litres of coffee are consumed per capita in Germany every year. This makes it the most consumed beverage across the land. The aromatic bean also plays an important economic role: coffee is imported to Germany in large quantities, processed here, consumed and exported again. In terms of exports, Germany is the world champion. No other country exports more coffee products.  

Our strengths: Market research, legal advice, event and much more.

A strong product needs an agile association! We stand one hundred percent behind our more than 360 member companies. For more than 50 years we have been providing coffee companies with support in their business activities and have been making a sustained effort to promote optimum economic and political conditions in the coffee industry.

Come on board and become part of Europe's largest network for coffee companies! Benefit from the data from the representative association market research and from our free advice on coffee law issues. We have expert knowledge and offer the best platform for your networking in the coffee industry with our numerous congresses and conferences.  

100% for our members

Big or small – we are here for everyone.

From small start-ups to establish global brands the German Coffee Association represents numerous companies that trade in, process or otherwise do business with coffee. Our more than 360 members include sustainability organisations, coffee-financing banks, green coffee traders/agents and brokers, all well-known large brand roasters, around 150 speciality roasters, manufacturers of instant coffee, decaffeinators, shipping companies, logistics companies, warehousing providers, manufacturers of roasting facilities and equipment technology, food laboratories and producers and dealers of coffee and vending machines.

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Forum Deforestation-free coffee

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“Forum Deforestation-free coffee”

The coffee world is still in tense anticipation: hardly a week goes by without the “EU Deforestation Regulation” being discussed in the press, politics or the public. A few months before the start of application, there is still a great need for clarification. We regularly meet the demand for information and answers to topical questions in the “Forum Deforestation-free Coffee” format. So register now for the new edition on August 14, 2024 from 11.00-13.00 (live via Zoom)!

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Compact seminar for industry newcomers

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Compact seminar for industry newcomers

Industry newcomers can also explore “The World of Coffee”. On October 17 & 18, 2024, there will be a two-day training and further education seminar for industry newcomers in Hamburg entitled “The World of Coffee” - coffee knowledge, network expansion and exchange guaranteed. Registration is now open.

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Compact seminar for apprentices and trainees

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Compact seminar for apprentices and trainees

Especially for apprentices and trainees, “The World of Coffee” is something to explore. Now there is another chance to do so: On September 27 & 28, 2024, a two-day education and training seminar “The World of Coffee” for apprentices and trainees will take place in Hamburg. Secure your tickets now.

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Compact coffee knowledge now in booklet format

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In 74 pages, "The World of Coffee" takes you on a journey through the fascinating world of the coffee bean and is an ideal compact resource for beginners, coffee lovers, experts and anyone who wants to deepen their passion. Important note: The booklet is for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes. Any commercial use, reproduction or distribution of the content is prohibited without prior written permission.

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We do a lot for our members

  • Conventions, information sessions, conferences and training
  • Exclusive market data and statistics
  • Specialised legal advice
  • Representation of interests
  • Press and public relations, issue management
  • Expert publications and training materials
  • Information on specialist topics, proposed legislation and research findings
  • Individual member services
  • Committees, working groups and commissions
  • Collaboration and networking at national and international level 

Our market research

Do you know the German coffee market? 
You will with us.

Our exclusive market data and statistics are the best basis for strategic decisions in the coffee business. Take advantage of insider knowledge from the market research of the German Coffee Association. Discover previously untapped market potential and discover new trends.

  • Representative: Over 10,000 coffee drinkers surveyed
  • Informative: Detailed insights into coffee consumption and purchasing behaviour
  • Extensive: Database with more than 500 charts
  • Up-to-date: Annual and quarterly analysis

All exclusive and free of charge for members!

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Coffee facts

Per capita consumption of coffee in Germany in 2023
German roasted coffee exports in 2023
"Whole bean" market share in home preparation in 2023
Market share of filter coffee in home preparation in 2023
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Coffee and sustainability

We are platform, coordinator and catalyst

  • We keep you up to date on legal obligations, the latest developments and regularly bring together decision-makers and stakeholders of the coffee industry.
  • A particular focus of work in the “Coffee & Sustainability” area is the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, the EU Regulation on deforestation-free products and the sustainability of packaging.
  • Collaborating with our members, our collective aim is to systematically enhance the sustainability of the coffee suply chain. In pursuit of this objective, we have commissioned risk analyses for the 18 most significant coffee-producing countries and introduced the EAR4U grievance mechanism. This platform allows for the confidential reporting on human right issues and environmental risks in the coffee supply chains.
  • As part of our commitment, the German Coffee Association provides members with an exclusive set of tools designed to ensure compliance with the EUDR. The EUDR Coffee Compass, EUDR Coffee Legislation List and EUDR Coffee Check tools are specifically tailored for the coffee industry. These resources help companies to align with the EUDR regulations, fostering a more sustainable future for the coffee sector. For more info, visit www.eudr-coffee.eu.
  • Members are cordially invited to attend and participate in our conferences, webinars, forums such as the "International Conference on Sustainable Coffee", the "Forum Deforestation-free Coffee" or the "Sustainable Packaging" working group.

We provide advice on legal matters

Uncertain about legal issues on coffee? 
Not with us, we will help you.

The German Coffee Association offers comprehensive advice on all aspects of coffee law – free of charge for our members.

No matter whether you have questions about coffee regulations, correct declaration, ingredients, emissions, coffee tax and much more – you will receive a competent, reliable and individual answer from us.


56th General Meeting

Bright blue skies, an exciting event program and a passionate coffee community: this is how the 56th General Meeting of the German Coffee Association followed by a get-together can be summed up. A record 280 participants from 153 companies came to Hamburg to network, exchange ideas and discuss the latest (coffee) developments together.

We would like to thank all the sponsors, speakers and participants for an exceptionally successful day and are already looking forward to the next opportunity to share inspiration and explore new avenues.

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Coffee Congress & New Year's Reception 2024

"Awake, hot, strong" - On January 18th the time had come and 288 participants from 144 companies ceremoniously welcomed the new (coffee) year at the Coffee Congress & New Year's Reception 2024. The unique event attracted many participants this year and offered the ideal platform to exchange ideas and talk about the latest developments and trends. Brilliant start in 2024: We would like to thank the partners, speakers and participants for this fabulous start to the year.

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Coffee Roasters Conference

Colorful, diverse, united in the love of the aromatic bean: around 150 participants from 90 companies took part in this year's coffee roasters conference in Frankfurt. In exclusive collaboration with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA Germany), large and small roasting companies met live on site to exchange ideas personally and discuss what is currently determining their everyday life.

We would like to thank all sponsors, speakers and participants for this special day full of inspiration for the entire industry and extremely lively inquiries, conversations and discourses.

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55th General Meeting of the German Coffee Association

Summer sun and a fabulous atmosphere: The 55th General Meeting of the German Coffee Association, followed by a dinner party, took place under these excellent conditions on June 15, 2023 in Hamburg. Around 250 participants from 147 companies exchanged ideas all day long, networked and talked about the topics that are currently affecting the German coffee market.

We would like to thank all sponsors, speakers and participants for a fantastic day.

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"Coffee Congress 2023 & New Year's Reception"

The (coffee) year couldn't have started any better: On January 19, 2023, around 250 interested parties took part in the "Coffee Congress 2023 & New Year's Reception" in Berlin with enthusiasm, concentrated expertise and positive energy. Together we exchanged ideas and looked at the developments in the markets. Six lectures and seven speakers with red-hot topics offered first-class discussion bases. 

We would like to thank all sponsors, speakers and participants for a day full of professional enthusiasm, exciting exchange opportunities and perspectives that arouse curiosity about the eleven months to come.

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"Sustainable Packaging"

Highest demands on optics, functionality and sustainability - coffee packaging 2023 is much more than a "case". This exciting complexity was the reason for more than 120 participants from 61 companies to attend the online event "Sustainable Packaging" last week. Eight speakers gave insights into sustainable packaging solutions and trends in 10-minute speed speeches.

Sustainably future-oriented: We would like to thank all sponsors, speakers and participants for the inspiring day.

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International Virtual Congress on Coffee Capsules

Small capsules, big innovations

Passion meets innovation: 111 participants from 55 companies took the thrilling chance to be part of the 5th "International Virtual Congress on Coffee Capsules" on the 16 and 17 November 2022. Joining from 14 different countries all over the world, the participants listened to 11 wide-ranging lectures, all focusing on the coffee capsules.

We would like to thank the sponsors, speakers and participants for the highly professional exchange and the lively participation


Sensory Science Update

Exchange of expert knowledge about coffee sensory

Inspiring and worthwhile: 130 coffee experts and enthusiasts from 65 companies were part of the online conference “Sensory Science Update”.

Their aim: Expanding their knowledge about this many-faceted field. In this context, seven lectures offered seven insights into the latest findings and studies about the sensory perception of coffee.



Virtual Coffee Congress 2022

Record number of participants: Coffee Congress 2022 – how are the markets developing?

Around 360 participants from 144 companies joined this year’s virtual coffee congress – a record number!

We are delighted with the outstanding interest and would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this event: The eleven speakers – they gave us exciting insights into the financial and coffee market of tomorrow – the sponsors Brita and ofi as well as all participants who significantly enriched the congress with their questions and comments.



Virtual Congress on Coffee Capsules

A full day of market data, innovations, sustainability and regulations

Around 115 capsule experts from 15 countries around the world – amongst others South Korea, Canada and the USA – joined the 4th International Virtual Congress on Coffee Capsules and Trade Exhibition.

We are pleased about the great response to our event.



Update Sustainability: New data, new projects, new insights

140 attendees ▪ 16 concise lectures ▪ numerous new data and findings

Two days dedicated to sustainability: Around 140 representatives from our member companies took part in the virtual sustainability conference of the German Coffee Association on September 22nd and 23rd. In 16 exciting and informative speed speeches, the participants obtained information from the cultivation to the cup, and about the latest data, projects and developments relating to sustainability along the coffee supply chain.



Coffee meets Universum

Great Presentations, grand networking and reunion

Under the slogan “Coffee meets Universum”, the German Coffee Association invited its members to a conference and evening event to Bremen on 13 September 2021. It was the first large industry meeting since Spring 2020.

Six first-class speakers presented up-to-date papers - a fascinating variety of themes, that are currently of high interest to the coffee industry. Following the conference, the group met for a grand get-together in the ‘Universum’ museum.



Coffee Roaster Online-Conference

Two days of live speeches, virtual exhibition, networking and knowledge exchange

The traditional Coffee Roaster Conference of the German Coffee Association took place on 4th and 5th May 2021. This event, aimed at speciality roasters, took place virtually for the first time.

This new model, a mix of top-class live speeches and virtual exhibition turned out to be very successful. Around 230 representatives of the association’s members’ organisations were in attendance. The two-day conference offered them nine informative presentations around new data, facts and industry trends. Furthermore, attendees had the chance to visit the virtual exhibition stands and to learn more about the exhibiting companies.



Cold Brew Summit

Cold Brew Summit 2021

The German Coffee Association organised the Cold Brew Summit for the first time on 29th and 30th April 2021.

Nine exciting talks highlighted different perspectives around this new fashionable drink. We were delighted to see great interest in this virtual event: Approx. 90 coffee experts from 72 organisations were in attendance.



Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging in the spotlight

The coffee industry has adopted towards sustainable packaging and companies continue to work on improving themselves in this area. The German Coffee Association supported its members by running an online seminar on ‘Sustainable Packaging’ on 21. April 2021.

Nine top-class experts presented relevant aspects and answered questions around this theme in speed speeches. This online event was well perceived: Approx. 150 attendees from 75 organisations joined virtually.



Coffee in Food Retailing

More than 80% of overall coffee purchases are made in supermarkets and discount shops. 

The large number of attendees that joined the online conference ‘Coffee trends and developments in the food retailing sector’ organised by the German Coffee Association, underlined the high relevance of this distribution chain. 

Approx. 140 representatives from 78 member organisations attended on 24th March 2021. Four presentations outlined facts and figures in food retailing and reported on further potential of this chain.



Vending - potential for growth

Successful association cooperation

The German Coffee Association and the Federal Association of the German Vending Machine Industry invited to an online-seminar called ‘Vending market’s growth potential’ on 17th February 2021.

Approx. 250 vending experts from 136 companies attended this virtual event and got the latest updates, facts and figures in five talks. The following topics were covered: consumer behaviour in vending situations, vending trends, growth potential and relevant market changes.



50 Years German Coffee Association

The World of Coffee met in Hamburg

Strong, alert, hot – this was the theme of the 50th anniversary celebration of the German Coffee Association, which occurred on 5th July 2019. The ceremonial act took place in the ‘Great Hall’ of the Elbphilharmonie. More than 1,800 guests from national and international coffee business met in the Hanseatic city. They enjoyed an impressive concert of the Symphonists of Hamburg. 

In the evening, 1,000 participates joined a Hamburg harbour tour to the fish auction hall, where the guests enjoyed an exclusive dinner.


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